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Every year Hostelworld creates an annual report to share the main results with its stakeholders, using graphs, charts and texts to highlight the brand achievements.


For the 2018 company’s performance, I created a five chapter report, working closely with the design team lead to make sure we would keep the traditional guidelines for the brand corporate communications. To keep the same style as other annual reports whilst bringing a fresh young touch,

I used five main colours to mark the identity of each chapter. I also used various hostel photos on my design to showcase the quality of the company’s products and bring more colour to heavy texted pages.


The job also involved leasing with the finance team to make sure the data displayed on the report was up to date. This job required creativity, team work and an eye for detail, which involved reading the same text many times to make sure it didn’t have any typos or wrong information.


The interactive pdf is also available on the following link:

Annual Report Interactive PDF

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