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Few cars hold such an iconic place in European history as the humble Trabant, the East German people’s car that became a symbol of freedom at the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Derided in the west as the very essence of communist inefficiency and incompetence – noisy, smoky, slow and uncomfortable – the car is the subject of more myths and misinformation than almost any other.


trabant 601

I grew up in the 90ies in Hungary and my very first childhood memories are  connected to our car. We had a Trabant for over 10 years and we travelled everywhere with this car. I still remember the smell of it, the sound of it and how the shaking made me fall asleep at the backseat. My mom said when I was a baby I slept very well at the backseat. 


I'm 30 years old today.
My grandfather was born on the same day like me.
He would be 98 years old today..


Unwashed dishes